Port St. Willow To Release New Album Syncope, Shares “Motion”

Nick Principe Port St. Willow Syncope

Back in 2012, Nick Principe aka Port St. Willow self-released his beautiful, brooding debut Holiday. It was one of those records that lets you know it’s going to break your heart right up front, and evoked a foggy, grand loneliness. Principe initially put out the short, five-track Even // Wasteland when he was living in Portland, Oregon in 2010, but it was a move to Brooklyn and the release of Holiday that really put him on the map as an elegant electronic experimentalist. Now, he’s prepping the release of his third album, Syncope, which is coming out in just a few weeks on 11/20. Last week he shared the ornate, slightly brassy “Ordinary Pleasure.” The brass here comes courtesy of Will Epstein’s (High Water, Nicolas Jaar) alto saxophone, and the track also features Peter Silberman of The Antlers credited as contributing “fuzz.” Love that. Now, Principe has released “Motion,” a gorgeous, slowcore meditation that puts Principe’shis shivery falsetto front and center. Port St. Willow will also be performing to shows prior to the album’s release — at Le Poisson Rouge on 11/17 and Trans-Pecos on 11/18. Listen to “Ordinary Pleasure” below, and “Motion” here.

Syncope is out 11/20 via People Teeth. Pre-order it here.


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