Papaya King Is Making Like Katz’s Deli and Expanding to Downtown Brooklyn

Prepare to gobble fruit juices and dogs at the same time, closer to home.
Prepare to gobble fruit juices and dogs, at the same time, closer to home

Before Katz’s Deli and Bun-Ker and about 38 other food vendors set up shop in Downtown Brooklyn next fall, inside Dekalb Market Hall, another New York food legend will open nearby to help fill in the food gap: Papaya King.

Eater reports that you will be able to acquire every New Yorker’s preferred fruit-drink-hot dog combination, from native-Brooklyn owner Wayne Rosenbaum, on the corner of Nevins Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension, starting in December. It will be Brooklyn’s first Papaya hub, which also operates a food truck and whose other two locations are on the Upper West Side and the East Village.

Now you don’t have to wander far from home to reenact that fantastic Seinfeld scene in which Kramer abandons the ticket line at the movies in order to get a snack from Papaya King–at least until Alamo Drafthouse opens down the road at City Point. Because at that point, you’ll never have to separate the activities of ordering food, eating it, and taking in media, at the same time, ever again.


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