Hear Toronto Upstart Jazz Cartier’s Rap Ventriloquism On “Stick And Move”

Jazz Cartier Stick And Move Fire

Jazz Cartier’s debut mixtape Marauding In Paradise is one of the best hip-hop releases of 2015. Sure, it’s been a relatively dry year for rap after an extremely blessed 2014, but Cartier is possessed of the rare ability to switch flows mid-song, and the way he incorporates Autotune and other vocal effects makes it sound like the hook and verses are done by completely different people. That element is present on his tape, but even more so on new one-off “Stick And Move.” This sort of rap ventriloquism can’t really be taught, you’ve either got it or you don’t. And Jazz has it. Bonus feature: This song has an extremely subtle Scooby Doo reference. Listen below and check out his full mixtape if you missed it back in April.

Stream and download Maurading In Paradise below.


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