There’s Now a Map of All the Remaining Pinball Machines in Brooklyn


While most of the games we play these days are strictly on our smart phones, there are times when we find ourselves thinking about simpler times, when we could head over to the arcade and spend countless hours and all of our spare change on round after round of pinball. There was something about those blinding bright lights and all the literal bells and whistles as we catapulted that tiny steel ball to its doom that just can’t be replicated with Candy Crush. But the rise of the smart phone has long-since pushed the old-school game to obscurity, save for the few remaining machines scattered around Brooklyn.

But where are those machines, you ask? Where can you go to get your nostalgia fix? Well, thanks to, a crowdsourced pinball locator that identifies pinball machines in your region, the close to 20 of these machines that still exist in Brooklyn are now easy to find, finally giving you an out for all that pocket change you’ve built up.


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