Junior’s Cheesecake Slices Are Only 65 Cents Tomorrow!

via Junior’s

Of all the foods associated with New York, perhaps none is more beloved than the classic cheesecake. It’s simple, rich, and was the go-to comfort dessert for the Golden Girls. What more could anyone want? And when talking about the creamy dessert it’s hard not to immediately picture Junior’s flashy red and orange façade. And why not? It’s the home of New York’s best cheesecake—the dessert that made them famous—and where presidents, athletes, and Brooklynites go when looking for a sweet pick-me-up. And tomorrow mark’s the 65th anniversary of our treasured restaurant.

“Owner Alan Rosen called it a ‘thank you to all of our great customers who have supported us since my grandfather started Junior’s 65 years,’” reports the Daily News.

To celebrate the special occasion, Junior’s will be serving up slices of their famous cheesecake tomorrow, which usually goes $6.95, for just 65 cents. But before you walk in thinking that you’ll buy a years supply of their infamous cheesecake, know that it’s only one slice per customer. So we suggest having multiple disguises to switch into to maximize the day.


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