Love Shacket, Baby

Photo by Jane Bruce
Photo by Jane Bruce

It is officially the time of year when all anyone wants to talk about is layering. This is, to say the least, totally fine with us, as there are but scant few things that bring us as much joy as piling on shirts of varying weights, textures, and colors in a way that says to the world: We are comfortable right at this very second, and we will stay that way no matter how drastically the weather shifts in the next few hours, thank you very much.

Among the more useful items in any layering arsenal is the humble and sorta unfortunately named shirt-jacket, or the slightly more elegant sounding jac-shirt, as it’s also known. It is, obviously, a cross between a jacket and a shirt, and it serves as the perfect top layer over an oxford or a light sweater on a mild day, or as a warming middle layer beneath a heavier winter coat when temperatures really drop.

The key to finding the right shirt-jacket is, as with all things, fit. Frequently found at retailers that specialize in honest-to-goodness outdoor apparel for people who, like, hunt and shit, they can be a little boxy and oversized if you’re not careful. Find one that’s slim and on the shorter side—you should be able to get into your pants pockets without moving too much fabric around–and it’ll fast become one of your favorite pieces.

One-Pocket Oxford Shirt by Levi’s Made & Crafted ($158)
Loopback Sweat Top by Sunspel ($170)
Insulated Alaskan Guide Jac-Shirt by Filson ($198)


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