There Is Now a Hair Care Line for All Your Glorious Pubic Hair

No matter how well-manicured your bush, you still might need oil.
No matter how well-manicured your bush, you still might need oil.

I love beauty products. I rarely have more fun than when I am slathering on a face mask or applying new lipstick or literally anything having to do with creams or oils or tinctures. Maybe it’s the amateur astrologist in me, but I just really like the idea of playing around with potions. But while there’s plenty of different salves to apply to my skin and deep conditioners to put on my hair, I’ve long wondered (or, you know, never really thought about, despite being a huge fan of my vagina and how it works) how to take care of the hair below my belt. Enter: Fur Oil.

I learned about this product via The Cut, which notes that pubic hair has made a big comeback in recent years, thanks to everyone from American Apparel models to Gwyneth Paltrow to Cameron Diaz. And because of the law of supply and demand, now that there’s a bigger supply of pubes, there’s been a demand for some sort of oil to keep them soft and feathery. Fur—whose company website reminds you that “few things in life are certain, but pubic hair is one of them”—offers two different products, the aforementioned Fur Oil, designed to keep grown-out pubes soft and ingrown hairs at bay, and Stubble Cream, which softens stubble and also deals with nasty ingrowns.

And while the great thing about pubes is that you just have so many options in terms of what to do with them (except bangs, you can’t give your pubes bangs… OR CAN YOU; no, you can’t, which is good because whether or not to cut bangs is the most annoying question in any woman’s life), the great thing about Fur is that it gives you a way to spend money no matter what your bush-situation. So, go! Spend money on your pubes! They’re worth it. You’re worth it. TGIF. Adjkhevsnggegew. Go pubes!


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