Weekend Live Music Wrap-Up: Autechre in the Dark, Destroyer in the Groove

A couple of guys you didn’t see at the Autechre show…

Fall is the time to get serious. Tank tops give way to respectable sweaters. Superhero flicks vacate theaters in favor of Oscar-bait. The fun festivals of the summer die off, making way for the serious, substantial concerts of autumn. On Saturday night, UK electronic legends Autechre played the Brooklyn Masonic Temple as part of the consistently excellent Pitchfork-affiliated concert series, Tinnitus, for their first NYC show in seven years. Stranger and more intimidating than even Warp Records label mate Aphex Twin, Rob Brown and Sean Booth have released a dozen albums since the early 90s. They were pillars of the glitchy, chin-stroking style called IDM. Sunday, Dan Bejar’s long-running meta-rock band Destroyer performed at Webster Hall in Manhattan in support of their latest record, Poison Season. Though they have nearly nothing in common, both acts have amassed cult audiences since the 1990s, built on core identities built to allow continual stylistic change.

The mission: Take in subsequent sets from two iconoclastic groups, and see what we might see. This was immediately harder than expected…


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