Cozy Up: How to Update Your Home for Fall


The days are growing shorter
and the nights are getting cooler,
making it the perfect time to cozy up
and hunker down at home

Here’s a wholly uncontroversial statement: We think fall is the best season. Who doesn’t, really? (Well, ok.)  There’s a renewed crispness in the air; Brooklyn’s trees are suddenly crowned in a blaze of beauty; we get to wear turtlenecks! It’s all pretty ideal, and an amazing time to enjoy the great outdoors and, like, be alive. But even though autumn’s our favorite time of the year to be outside, what with the long, brisk walks or whatever, it’s hard to deny that soon enough—as the air transitions from crisp to flat-out cold—all we’re going to want to do is hang out at home. Which is why now is also the perfect time to think about investing in the kind of decor which will comfort and even cocoon you, protecting you against the frost at your window. Think heavy blankets to wrap around yourself, ceramic mugs to fill with piping hot tea; maybe a new-old (read: vintage) bookcase, to store all the novels you’re sure to be plowing through while curled up in the comfiest chair we’ve come across in awhile; a new house plant to remind you of the now long-past summer; and a campfire-scented candle in case you don’t have a roaring fireplace of your own. Winter is coming, everyone, get ready to hunker down and stay there.


Bromeliad Kokedamas from Twig Terrariums
287 Third Avenue, Gowanus

Elk Chair from A & G Merch
111 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg

Timorous Beasties Omni Splat Wallpaper from Grace and Favor
168 N. 1st Street, Williamsburg

After Hours Candle from Catbird
219 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Clamp Floor Lamp from Beam
240 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg

Americana Bookcase from Brooklyn Reclamation
676 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg

Forest Mug from Helen Levi

Diamond Blanket from Joinery


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