Sweet Spot: Get Your Rosh Hashanah Honey Fix at These 9 Brooklyn Locations

Get some honey on your pizza at Emily in Clinton Hill.
Get some honey on your pizza at Emily in Clinton Hill.

From ice cream sundaes to apples dipped in honey—and so the transition from summer to fall begins. Although to be fair, Rosh Hashanah isn’t that much of a let-down as far as post-Labor Day celebrations go—especially if you ditch the apples until October, and usher in a sweet New Year (and season) with honey wine, honey beer, and yes, honey ice cream instead.

Paulie Gee’s/Roberta’s/Emily: Trickling honey on pizza has become such an accepted practice, we imagine that it’s only a matter of time before bear-shaped squeeze bottles take their rightful place at slice shops, alongside canisters of powdered garlic and red pepper flakes. As it is, three of Brooklyn’s best-loved contemporary pizza parlors offer top-selling, honey-drenched pies: Paulie Gee’s Hellboy, featuring rivulets of Mike’s Hot Honey, pooled atop Berkshire soppressata piccante; Roberta’s Bee Sting with soppressata and standard honey (essentially the Hellboy’s milder cousin); and the all-white namesake creation at Emily, paired with pistachios and truffle sottocenere.

Spuyten Duyvil: As close as you can get to drinking honey straight (without anyone looking at you sideways), mead has become increasingly available at local liquor stores and borough bars like Spuyten Duyvil, devoted to rare bottles and obscurities. Check out current fermented offerings like Lurgashall Winery’s Tower of London Mead; its sweetness tempered with smoky Scotch whiskey.

Ample Hills: If there’s a scoop at Ample Hills that can (occasionally) lure us away from the heralded Salted Crack Caramel, it’s the Sweet As Honey; composed of a pure sweet cream ice cream base, run through with stalactites of housemade honeycomb candy.

Brooklyn Brewery: One of Garrett Oliver and crew’s ephemeral Brewmaster’s Reserves, wildflower honey makes up 25% of the fermentable sugar in the Brooklyn Buzz Bomb Ale, a bone-dry brew with distinctively spicy, floral and fruity notes; owing to a citrusy twist of orange peel.

The Brooklyn Baking Barons: Evolving from amateur dinner party hosts to popular recipe bloggers to baked goods entrepreneurs, this duo specializes in bundt-shaped, whiskey-soused honey cakes (a boozy version of the classic Rosh Hashanah dessert), which they sell online and make during the day out of Humboldt & Jackson’s Williamsburg kitchen.

Kombucha Brooklyn: Feeding on honey rather than sugar, Jun is a special kombucha culture originating in the Himalayan mountains. And if you get a hold of a homebrew kit from Kombucha Brooklyn now, you’ll have gallons of Organic Dragonwell Green Tea and NY State Goldenrod Honey at the ready, just in time for Rosh Hashanah.


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