Democracy in Action: Help CitiBike Move to South Brooklyn

Photo: Drpavlov/Flickr Creative Commons

As much as some Americans like to trumpet the virtues of freedom to an almost nauseating degree, one aspect of living in this country is undeniably neat: we get to vote for stuff! Keeping in line with ancient tradition of democracy, Citibike wants you, yes, the fair denizens of Brooklyn, to help it stake out new locations across the entire borough. 

Citibike built an interactive map that’s teeming with potential stations. The beauty of it all is, would-be users of the bike-share service will ultimately seal their own fate: you tally a vote by simply clicking on one of hundreds of proposed docking stations. After that, all you have to do is wait for the Department of Transportation to make a final decision as to where these stations will eventually be. Citibike’s map also lets you gauge popular opinion too, as the selections of various users are presented on the right side of the screen.


Any anxiety about signing up for Citibike might be warranted, given that it costs $150 bucks a year. But when examined alongside the cost of a monthly metro card ($116.50), you’d probably be pretty smart to take advantage of the bike-share service, which has already started cropping up all over north Brooklyn. 

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