This Is the Future Skyline of Downtown Brooklyn

screenshot: CityRealty
screenshot: CityRealty

The already crowded Brooklyn housing market is set for something of an explosion over the next four years, and will see an influx of 22,000 new apartments drastically alter the borough’s makeup, says a report published today by real estate listings site, City Realty. The firm’s findings suggest that Brooklyn’s downtown skyline will more closely resemble that of Manhattan’s, with towering skyscrapers comprising the bulk the neighborhood’s airspace by the end of the decade. 

It’s not just happening in Downtown Brooklyn, though. The report maintains, among other things, that the landscape from Greenpoint to Red Hook will see a rash of transformative buildings erected in the coming years, and that these buildings are coming in much larger quantities than they have in the past.

From the report:

Brooklyn’s skyline is being transformed as developers add tens of thousands of new rental and condominium apartments to the borough. While Brooklyn has historically been known for its single-family houses, there is a crush of buildings with 20 or more units under construction, many of them rising 10 or more stories and dramatically changing the built environment.

Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn are primed for the most extensive development, with a total of 10,753 units currently under construction between the two neighborhoods already, according to City Realty.

Much of the construction is currently underway along north Brooklyn’s waterfront, which you can see illustrated on City Realty’s map below. Greenpoint’s own waterfront will soon be home to a cluster of buildings on Greenpoint Landing, which will see a total of ten developments and 5,500 apartments, according to Curbed;  1,400 of the units on Greenpoint Landing have already been deemed affordable housing.

Prospect Heights is also a heavily clustered area, with a swath of buildings set to be finished by 2019 or later. Downtown Brooklyn on the other hand is the eventual site of Pacific Park, an 8 million-square-foot residential complex built by Greenland Forest City Partners.

Photo: City Realty
Photo: City Realty

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