What’s Your Subway Station Number? Find Out With This Interactive Map

Screen Shot via The Cleverest
Screen Shot via The Cleverest/Mike Solomon

How legit is your New Yorker status? This interactive map by digital designer Mike Solomon over at The Cleverest will settle the score. By clicking on every subway station you’ve ever been to, you can calculate whether you’re a Tourist, a Rich Tourist, a Junior Commuter, an Official Resident, or a real live NYC Lifer.

Clicking around through all the stations is strangely addictive. If you’ve been to more than 133 stations, you’ll earn the NYC Lifer crown and feel nice and smug. It’s also a walk down subway memory lane (remember the time strange liquid leaked from the ceiling onto your head while waiting for the J train at Broad Street, or when that puppeteer guy put his puppets all over you at the Bedford L station?).


Find your Subway Station Number over at The Cleverest.


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