A Nasty Thunderstorm Turned Prospect Park into a Lagoon Yesterday

screenshot: instagram
screenshot: instagram

Yesterday afternoon, at around 3pm, the National Weather Service issued a flood warning for Brooklyn. As people’s phones lit up with the NWS’s warning, the severe thunderstorm had already turned much of Brooklyn, including large swathes of Prospect Park, into a big, muddy lagoon. Various photos and videos show flooded walkways and people seeking cover in the park’s tunnels, only to find themselves in ankle-high water shortly afterward. 



Chance or rain: 1% #notreally #wtf #whenitrainsitpours #soaked #chubasco #yallovió

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storm cleared out the park. nice and quiet for a change

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As the storm progressed, people had to huddle en-masse under the cover of tunnels.

Downpour. Everyone runs for the tunnels.

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There were also rivers of mud, which thankfully only claimed tablecloths and frisbees, and not much else.


Apparently when the storm subsided, a staircase at Mount Prospect Park served as a waterfall, and ushered much of the leftover rain onto the street. This isn’t the first time that this staircase has allowed for the exodus of flood waters from the park.

This, unfortunately, is the liability of picnicking, or generally spending a day outside, in New York City during the month of August. Brooklyn receives an average of 4.2 inches during the month, which makes it one of the wettest times of year. So bring an umbrella on your day trips. Or a boogie board. The choice is yours.

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