Does Park Slope Hate Mötley Crüe?: An Investigation

motley crue
Motley Crue at Barclays Center

The Barclays Center’s roof is carpeted with grass that’s supposed to muffle whatever residual noise might trickle out of the venue during concerts. Apparently though, the sprawling lawn was not enough to stifle the sonic tumult that was Mötley Crüe’s final New York City performance last Wednesday. A 311 call documented by watchdog group Atlantic Yards Watch, and reported on by independent journalist Norman Oder, confirm that the hair metal cacophony was audible about a half block away from Barclays. A source told Oder it was “unbelievably loud.

From what we know about Mötley Crüe and their tendency for hip-thrusting jaunts around massive venues and for blowing stuff up on stage, we have every reason to believe the show was loud. But could it have really been heard half a block away from the enormous Barclays Center?

According to this tweet from drummer Tommy Lee, the show seemed like a pretty laid-back, casual affair:

Mr. Lee was even kind enough to demonstrate some of his percussion skills while hoisted very high in the air. From this image captured by an audience member, Lee thumped his drums before a colossal burning pentagram. Fire, after all, is not that loud, people.

It is true that Mötley Crüe is a rock band known for partying. They might have gotten a bad rap years ago for consuming literally every drug on the planet–including slamming Jack Daniels intravenously–but that doesn’t mean they’re not polite, upstanding citizens.

Here’s some of the band bidding their fans farewell at the end of the set, in the spirit of performance, as if Barlcays Center was a Shakespearian theater:

So let’s give Mötley Crüe a break. After all, this was their last tour ever, so it’s unlikely that nearby residents will ever have to complain about the band again. Besides, it’s not as if bassist Nikki Sixx crashed his Porsche into a brownstone while naked or anything.

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