Try a Free, Off-the-Menu Dessert at Crown Heights Bar-Bakery Butter & Scotch Tonight!

These are pie cookies. You'll want to eat them. photo via Butter & Scotch
These are pie cookies. You’ll want to eat them.
photo via Butter & Scotch

You know what’s better than dessert? Free dessert. You know what’s better than free dessert? Secret free dessert. And tonight at Butter & Scotch–the ingenious bakery-plus-bar in Crown Heights that opened in January—there will be some sweet, free goodness for the taking, as long as you’re in the know.

Ask for the off-the-menu “pie cookie” and you’ll get a piece of homemade crust, baked off from their leftover pie stock, and seasoned into a mouth-watering cookie. All you gotta do is order a drink (or another dessert). But you’ll be doing that somewhere after work anyway, so may as well make it at the place with the secret deal.

And what drink would pair best with your cookie?

“Our pie crust is super good on its own. It’s really heavily seasoned and buttery and crunchy and salty-sweet,” said Butter & Scotch co-founder and lauded baker behind First Prize Pies, Allison Kave. Which is exciting to hear, but not part of the deal. So if she had to choose, Kave suggests the Honey Child Rider.

“It’s our most popular cocktail with Dorthy Parker Gin, Mike’s Hot Honey, passion fruit, and lemon. It’s a little sweet and spicy,” she said, a nice compliment to the salty, cinnamon, buttery base of the pie cookie.

Then she reconsidered: A nice cold beer could do the trick, too. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. She has a larger agenda.

“Come in so we can start giving it away so we don’t eat it all.”

An easy sell, if there ever was one. Best of all, says Kave, the off-the-menu pie cookie will be an ongoing secret offer.

Butter & Scotch: 818 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights


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