Video: Inside a 1989 “Outlaw Party” in a Times Square McDonalds

mcdonaldsparty15Before he was convicted of murder in 1997, Michael Alig was a New York City party boy, one of the original Club Kids. The movie Party Monster later recreated his “outlaw parties,” described in the Village Voice as “bashes illegally held at some public space or other, where everyone showed up on time for a change, knowing the cops would come and bust it up the second they got wind of it.” In 1989, Alig hosted one such party at a Times Square McDonald’s at 3 a.m. It was a greasy night to be remembered.

Now, 26 years later, one hour of original footage of this night of debauchery has been uploaded to YouTube and brought to our attention by Gothamist. It follows a face-painted, glittery crowd through the golden arches and into the classy fast food joint (why did McDonalds get rid of their potted plants?), where they set up a stereo and gorge on fries and drugs until the cops inevitably show up. It was shot by one Nelson Sullivan, resident documentarian of Michael Alig’s party scene, with a fisheye lens for a down-the-rabbit-hole vibe.

[via Gothamist]



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