Coney Island Will Soon Get a Huge Glass Tower… Because Why Not?

Photo: SLCE Architects

Because cluttering Brooklyn’s landscape with skyscrapers and condos is so utterly trendy right now, even beach-going tourists and free-flying seagulls won’t be able to miss a forty-story glass tower bound for Coney Island.

That’s right, Coney Island, one of the more poverty stricken corners of the borough, will be the recipient of a hulking structure, projected to stand at 532 Neptune Avenue near West 6th Street, reports New York Yimby. Renderings of the building, which is the project of SLCE Architects, were sent to Yimby by a tipster.

Photo: SLCE Architects

The building will host a combination of 162,000-square-feet of retail space in addition to 524 apartment units, reports Yimby.

Curbed notes that the building will be the tallest south of Downtown Brooklyn, where a skyscraper seemingly plucked from the Financial District is due for construction on 9 Dekalb Avenue.


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