Your Brooklyn Weekend Playlist, By Highly Suspect

Photo courtesy of Highly Suspect.
Photo courtesy of Highly Suspect.

Summer 2015 may be well underway, but just because we’re cruising through July doesn’t mean it’s too late to put together our own ultimate playlist of Brooklyn summer jams. One such song: Highly Suspect’s single “Lydia,” on their debut album Mister Asylum. Lead singer Johnny Stevens described “Lydia” as “literally slow-motion love at first sight” to Billboard, invoking the kind of lazy, sumptuous love that only a hot summer day in Brooklyn can induce. Hence why we had find out what Stevens and his band members, Rich and Ryan Meyer, were playing this summer.

Highly Suspect may reign from Cape Cod, but have found inspiration and depth in their new homes in Bed-Stuy. Ahead, Stevens’ summer Brooklyn playlist you’ve been waiting for.

“Blazed” by Boytoy
“This song just captures being blazed in the summer like no other.”

“The Couch Incident” by Slothrust
“Slothrust is a band that inspires us to this day and have been doing so since we first heard them. The video for this song rules too.”

“Blackout” by Whiskey Bitches
“The dynamics in this song are amazing when performed live. And lyrically, this just sums up a good old fashioned Brooklyn summer night.”

“The Sound” by London Souls
“This song is just simply one of the best rock songs ever recorded. It’s got the feel. It’s got the sound. It was pretty much on repeat when we moved to New York.”

Surf” by the Skins
“The intro Reef lays down on this song is ridiculous. I think he was like 14 or 15 when he did it.”

“Borders” by Honduras
“This song just makes me feel like I’m getting fucked up in Bushwick every time I hear it.”

“Outcast” by Mainland
“This is a brand new one from our label mates in Mainland and it rules.”

“Magnets Pt 1 &2” by Slothrust
“Slothrust makes the list twice. Because Slothrust.”

“Dress Well Drink Heavily” by 45 Adapters
“These dudes keep it simple and they keep it real. Dave’s guitar tones are always on point.”

Check out the new album Mister Asylum on iTunes and Spotify.


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