There’s An App Meant Just For Your Commute Over the Williamsburg Bridge

Photo: Jorge Quinteros/Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo: Jorge Quinteros/Flickr Creative Commons.

As if the Williamsburg Bridge had its own radio frequency and satellite system floating in space, there’s now an app that only works as you cross the bridge either by train, bike or foot. The point of the app, which is called Williamsburg Bridge Radio, is to serenade your commute with a song, since it’s programed to play “Bittersweet Symphony,” as you trample anyone standing in your determined wake. But not really. 

Created by developers Sid Lee and Eric Hu in partnership with NYC record-label UNO, the app features a rotation of artists like Mykki Blanco, Jacques Greene, Dutch E Germ and Gobby, all of whom are all signed to the label. According it its website, Williamsburg Bridge Radio is all about getting “hyped” and then “feeling chill,” which is kind of what Williamsburgers are all about, I guess.

The app is already available on the iTunes store, so if you’re really into delving into the mystique of the bridge and its pink paint-job, give it a whirl. Just don’t be sad when it ceases to work once you exit the bridge. That’s kind of what the app is meant to do, after all.

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