Video: Kevin Adey Shares His Recipe for Faro’s Sweet Pea Porridge

Porridge may not be the first thing you think to order when you see it on a menu. Then again, you may not have seen it on any menu other than at Faro, the new Bushwick restaurant owned by Kevin Adey’s–where, it turns out, you most definitely should order it.

We got to peek into Adey’s kitchen and watch him make his famed sweet pea porridge before dinner service one evening. Grains are what has gained the most attention at Faro, where Adey handmills grains sourced from local upstate farms. But Adey is deeply committed to keep all of his ingredients local and sustainable; whether it’s the morels that come from upstate, or the sweet peas in season. Adey’s sweet pea porridge was instantly a hit and written up glowingly by foodies across the city, but Adey keeps it seasonal and changes the menu constantly.

It’s clear that Adey’s true passion is to keep his restaurant sustainable and to share his bounty with the farmers he works with–the twinkle in his eye when he shares stories of visiting farm says it all–but Adey knows how to keep it Brooklyn, too. That’s why you’ll see a beer and shot special on the menu next to the natural wine list, and no dish over $20. Living in Bushwick has given Adey the drive to keep his restaurant part of the neighborhood’s ecosystem: authentic, a touch gritty, and with a story to tell.

Thanks to Sapporo for supporting local restaurants in Brooklyn.

Faro, 486 Jefferson Street, Bushwick


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