Get Off The Internet And Go Enjoy Your Long Weekend

Photo by Jane Bruce

Our current mood: LONG WEEKEND, LONG WEEKEND, LONG WEEKEND! AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA! And we hope you’re feeling that vibe too as you’re packing up your things in your office or on the train home, day dreaming about all the awesome things you have planned this weekend. And if you’re not feeling that way? WELL, let us help you with that.

Check out all of our Fourth of July guides including: the best Brooklyn spots to watch fireworks, a comprehensive guide to enjoying the city’s great outdoors, the best long-weekend day trips, your guide to backyard barbecuing, and all the fun Brooklyn events going on this weekend (And hell, while we’re at it, here’s a guide to all the fun Brooklyn events for the rest of the summer). Oh, but you’re just looking forward to some peace and quiet this long weekend? Well, we have a guide for that too. So go ahead, get excited—and, for christ’s sake, get off the Internet! (We’re preemptively closing all of our tabs as we’re writing this.) Happy Fourth of July, Brooklyn!


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