To Highlight Gender Pay Gap, Brooklyn Bar to Sell Drinks to Women for 77% of Their Price

via The Way Station Bar
via The Way Station Bar

You’ve probably heard the widely cited, much-lamented statistic that, on average, a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, per the Labor Department. The exact figure there is often disputed, but there’s little doubt that the gender pay gap exists. To help make up for this disparity just a bit, on the night of July 7th (7/7), the Way Station–best known as Brooklyn’s one and only Dr. Who-themed bar, complete with a TARDIS–will be selling drinks to women for 77% of their full price. Get excited for hoards of drunk, underpaid ladies turning into Time Lords and fucking up the patriarchy.

“Let’s level the playing field, even if it is just for one night. Women deserve better. Recognizing this discrepancy is just a start,” wrote the bar owners in a promotional email, calling the wage gap “some shameful sh-t.” And they are prepared to fight it with the most powerful weapon they have (cheap alcohol).

The Way Station is located at 683 Washington Ave. between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place. It opens at 4pm on weekdays. Go there on 7/7 with lady friends for servings of justice.

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