#StandWithCharleston Vigil Drew Hundreds to Barclays Center Last Night

A wide-angel shot of last night's vigil. Photo: Lucky Tran/Twitter.
A wide-angel shot of last night’s vigil. Photo: Lucky Tran/Twitter.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Barclays Center last night to show solidarity with the families and friends of nine slain victims who were murdered last week at the historic Emanuel African Episcopal Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The murders of nine African American churchgoers, who ranged in age from 26 to 87 years old, were carried out last Friday by alleged gunman Dylan Roof in a racially motivated attack.

Solidarity vigils have surfaced nationwide, including last night at the Barclays Center; attendees burned candles, carried signs advocating the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and prayed for the victims and their families. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also delivered remarks. The Barclays Center’s large video screen projected an image of the hashtag #StandWithCharleston, which has become a rallying cry for the movement that has arisen in response to the killings.

Here are a few images of last night’s scene compiled through Twitter:




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