This Art Show for Ants is the Twee-est Thing in Brooklyn

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What is this, an art show for ants? Why yes, Derek Zoolander! This July, South African artist Lorraine Loots will be showing 730 of her tiny paintings at Three Kings Studio, featuring everything from coin-sized hot dogs to shrunken space nebula. Called “Paintings for Ants,” the show gets our vote for the Twee-est Thing in Brooklyn Award.

Since January 2013, Loots has been creating a miniature pencil and watercolor painting every day. A new timelapse by filmmaker Gareth Pon reveals her meticulous, obsessive painting process. But, sadly, it doesn’t show what these paintings would actually look like through ants’ crazy compound eyes.


If you are an ant, go see Paintings for Ants at Three King Studios from July 8th to 15th.

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