Timelapse: Watch a 2-D Pen-and-Ink NYC Rise in Three Minutes

"Colossus," by Patrick Vale
“Colossus,” by Patrick Vale

In this new timelapse, called Colossus, artist Patrick Vale turns a blank page into a magnificent, intricate pen-and-ink illustration of New York City in just three minutes.

Animation studio Big Animal crunched down a month’s worth of his obsessive sketching and rendering from photos and video he took in winter of last year. It highlights the city’s architectural gems as well as the eyesores–its regular apartment buildings are drawn with as much attention to detail as its most famous skyscrapers (the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, One World Trade). Watching these 2-D buildings rise is a reminder of what miraculous feats of construction and architecture their 3-D counterparts are. Set to a piano piece by John Barber, Vale’s pen’s movements are as speedy as city traffic and just as mesmerizing from the camera’s bird’s-eye view. Watch the timelapse below.

Colossus by Pat Vale from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

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