Here is a Map of New York City Hip-Hop Artists, Borough-by-Borough

Photo: Charts and Maps
Photo: Charts and Maps

Hip-hop might just be New York City’s most internationalized cultural product, but the lion’s share of hip-hop’s most noteworthy acts hail from the five boroughs. Now, courtesy of the good people at Charts and Maps, we can now pinpoint where specific artists came from within the city. And it turns out? Mostly it’s from Brooklyn.

As you can see, the breakdown of rappers is pretty Kings County-centric, but Manhattan (pretty much confined to Harlem), Queens (pretty spread out), the Bronx (South Bronx represents), and Staten Island (or should we say Shaolin’) also represent.

Check out the full map above, or feel free to examine the original flex-bomb of a tweet Charts and Maps sent this morning.


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