Sign Your Band up to Record at Famous Studios Around The World, Including Right Here in Brooklyn

The Warehouse studio Vancouver, one of the many participating in Rubber Tracks.
The Warehouse studio Vancouver, one of the many participating in Rubber Tracks. Photo: Converse Rubber Tracks

Brooklyn is awash in a sea of bands, but then again, so is the entire world. Chances might be that you know someone currently in a band (“Like us on Facebook!”) or that you, yourself, have schlepped cumbersome gear to a venue, only to find that no one is there to watch your set.

Recording too, can be an onerous process (because it costs money and stuff), but thankfully, some people at Converse (yes, the shoe company) are trying to make it easier for bands to cut the records they want, by giving artists of all creative stripes the chance to do so in famous studios across the world.

Behold! Converse’s Rubber Tracks program is now opening doors to famous recording studios in select cities, and is currently taking applications from any band, rapper, flutist, lounge singer or xylophonist who wants a shot to use them. You could possibly lay down some grooves at Abbey Road in London (John Lennon used the bathroom there!), or spit rhymes at Stankonia in Atlanta (Big Boi and Andre 3000 not included), or at any of the other studios currently participating across eight countries including Germany, Jamaica and Brazil.

Converse also has a studio right here in Brooklyn, which might see other bands of international provenance infiltrate our hood to cut the album of their dreams.

If you’re interested in participating, which means a (nearly) all expenses paid trip to maybe Rio de Janeiro or Reykjavik, all registration info can be found here.


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