Hillary Clinton’s Campaign is Hustling Some New Gear, Like the “Pantsuit Tee”

Photo: Hillaryclinton.com
Photo: Hillaryclinton.com

Self-mockery isn’t always employed by presidential candidates to leverage support, but Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign is different that way and so is hustling some pretty goofy swag that her supporters might (not) want to wear.

For $30, Hillary’s fans can pay tribute to the former Secretary of State by purchasing “The Everyday Pantsuit Tee,” which as you can imagine, is a T-shirt fashioned to look like one of Clinton’s trademark pantsuits. It’s red–feisty, no-nonsense… just like Clinton, right?—and is emblazoned with some make-believe pearls around the neckline. There’s also a subtle campaign pin placed on the “jacket’s” left lapel.

Clinton’s online store, which went live this morning, offers a catalogue of other merchandise that her campaign staff probably sees as fitting of her targeted demographic–young, hip, urban professionals with a stylish sensibility. There’s Hillary tank tops for this summer! Tote bags for trips to Whole Foods! Five panel hats for hot days at the beer garden! Not to mention a “Future Voter Onesie,” for your politically engaged infant!  If these items speak to you, you might be one of the glowing Clinton fans who snapped selfies with her in Brooklyn Heights  not too long ago.

The "Future Voter Onesie" Photo:Hilaryclinton.com
The “Future Voter Onesie”
Photo: Hillaryclinton.com

While the Pantsuit Tee isn’t likely to capture the popular imagination like Clinton’s leaked campaign emails have, it is a fittingly self-aware garment, and one that speaks to the fun presidential garb some other candidates are hawking for 2016.


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