Sponsored: Absolut Nights Bring Art to the Party


What’s the wildest, most transformative night you can imagine? Would you gain secret password access to a speakeasy that serves only tequila? Maybe you’d prefer to take over an abandoned warehouse and spray paint a mural on the walls while your favorite DJ spins early 2000’s hip hop throwback tunes. Whatever your vibe may be, the night is a blank canvas, and you should make it your own.

Turning what could be just another night out into a piece of art is exactly what Absolut is all about. For their “Absolut Nights” series, they came together with some of the most creative nightlife gurus around the globe to curate fantastically unique party events in Berlin, Brooklyn, Sao Paolo, and Johannesburg—and as you can see, they produced one hell of a soiree in every city.

From a fiery sign announcing that “tonight is yours to create” to a masked costume ball complete with magic tricks, there’s no limit to the vision of these innovative party-artists. Every city used a different set of designers, each one of them responsible for specific elements of the night; from designing the lighting and dance floor to developing an overall mood for these gatherings, they came together to build unrivaled experiences. And we’re definitely tipping our hat to Melina Matsoukas, who captured it all beautifully for your viewing pleasure.

Absolut clearly knows what it means to push the limits of what a night can be. By teaming up with people who know how to make every evening a work of art, they’ve inspired us to see the unlimited potential of our own nights. What are you going to do with yours?

This post is sponsored by Absolut.


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