George Clinton and Amitava Kumar Will Be in Park Slope Tonight


People of Park Slope, feel free to disengage from your hyper-connected lives and to turn off your iPhones and tablets, for tonight is a night of listening in your neighborhood. That’s because there will be two lectures this evening, one with literary giants Amitava Kumar and Dani Shapiro at Community Bookstore, and another with supreme commander of the funk mothership George Clinton at Brooklyn Museum.

If you’re feeling a bit more writerly and would like to hear about the process of crafting a memoir, novel or substantial piece of journalism, we suggest you head to Community Bookstore around 6:45 pm. Amitava Kumar, whose new Lunch with a Bigot amasses 26 essays that draw together the author’s musings on life, in addition to other critical and reported pieces compiled over a 15 year period, will be joined by Dani Shapiro, author of the best-selling memoir, Still Writing. The event is billed as “a discussion on writing in the globalized world,” and should be pretty intriguing, given the accolades both authors have accrued in recent years. This event is free and open to the public.

But, if you’re an undying disciple of all things funky and ethereal and don’t really read books, you can attend “A Conversation with George Clinton,” at Brooklyn Museum at 7:00 pm. Produced as part of the Redbull Music Academy’s lecture series, which sees artists young and old offer their sage-wisdom on music performance and production, Clinton’s lecture promises to see the funk and Motown vet offer some candid insights on his life and career. As most conversations with undisputed legends of any craft are not free, listening to George Clinton speak tonight costs $15.

We understand both events are at the exact same time tonight (and in a few hours!), and we don’t mean to divide you into camps, but if you’re at all inclined to hear some masters of their respective crafts demystify their work in great detail, tonight is your chance.


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