Lindsay Lohan Starts Volunteering at a Fort Greene Preschool Today. So.

She believes the children are our future.
She believes the children are our future.

Today is a sad day for educational institutions in New York City. It’s been announced that Lindsey Lohan will use the remaining hours of her court-ordered community service sentence to teach pre-schoolers at Duffield Children’s Center, an independent nursery school in Fort Greene. 

It’s an obvious fit for the star of Mean Girls, who’s embarked on a frenzy of tabloid generating escapades of public drunkenness and misbehavior since 2012,  because she’ll now get to work exclusively with CHILDREN. And luckily for all of the parents who send their kids to Duffield Children’s Center, Lohan has much time left on her community service sentence–New York Daily News reports the actress still has a total of 125 court-mandated hours to atone for the reckless driving charge she earned three years ago.

But while we pray for the impressionable young minds that Lohan will inevitably come to influence in some regard, we can only wonder how her presence in a nursery school classroom will ultimately unfold.

I can see it now: Lohan sitting in a far-flung corner of the classroom with big, darkened sunglasses crowding her face, gaze fixated deeply on an iPhone 6 screen. Maybe she’ll get involved in the educational process, and teach the kids some arithmetic lessons about how many misdemeanors equal a felony, or how many Prada bags you can finance on a Visa Platinum credit card.

We’ll keep you posted as the Li-Lo Youth acclimate to the new celeb in their classroom. Lohan is scheduled to start her service tomorrow and may well stay there “volunteering” all month. She has until May 28th to complete her term, and could face possible jail time if she fails to do so before her deadline.

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  1. I live next door to Duffield and admire them tremendously. Never thought paps might show up there. Aw jeez!


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