The Franny’s Team Will Be Opening Up Rose’s, a Burger Joint

Fried shrimp from Marco's
Fried shrimp from Marco’s

When the Franny’s team announced it was closing down Marco’s last December, it made the very prospect of opening new eateries in the borough seem like a real exercise in futility. After all, if Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg—two of the true OG’s of Brooklyn dining—couldn’t make a go of it considering the current restaurant climate, how the heck did anyone else stand a chance? 

Then again, being a big fish has its benefits—not many struggling, would-be-restaurateurs have the benefit of owning their building. That’s provided a real safety net for the duo, allowing them the luxury of going back to the drawing board and tweaking their concept, from a refined Italian trattoria with comparatively high prices (although frankly, we never saw much of a difference between $20 wood-fired entrees at Marco’s and $18 pizzas at Franny’s), to a casual, neighborhood-friendly bar and grill called Rose’s, expected to open by the end of May.

So yes, the pair is finally giving us plebes what we by offering a reliably crowd-pleasing hamburger, which they’ll serve alongside smaller dishes, such as cheese toast and fried olives, as well as a few larger plates, including deviled chicken and spit-roasted pork (got to take advantage of that shiny rotisserie somehow). But the fare will still be a far cry from Park Slope pubs such as 200 Fifth; after handing over the reigns to Jonathan Adler years ago at Franny’s, as well as Danny Amend during Marco’s briefer run, Feinberg has officially taken back control of the kitchen.

So we’re excited to see the master back at work, and hopeful that the second time will prove a charm for the pioneering pair. But if not, we certainly look forward to see what they have planned for the space come 2016.

295 Flatbush Avenue, Park Slope


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