5 Reasons to Go to BUST’s Craftacular PRIMPED This Sunday

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It’s been a long winter—like, seriously, a long ass winter. And although we’d normally classify ourselves on the relatively “low” end of the maintenance scale, perhaps we let ourselves get a little too low maintenance this winter. Like: shower, slather lotion all over body, fall asleep with wet hair, wake up, brush teeth, go to work, repeat. (And tbh, a lot of days the whole showering part of that didn’t even happen.) But basically, we can’t remember the last time we put on lipstick—which sucks because we really do like putting on lipstick, and doing cute stuff with our hair and painting our nails and all of that fun beauty jazz, but it’s just easy to forget about that stuff when your number-one goal is just not freezing to death. (No one can even see us under this scarf and hat and hoodie and jacket anyways, so what’s the point?) But finally, spring is here, giving us more energy, more places to go, and just generally more desire to actually put a little effort into looking cute. So, although a fashion and beauty fair might not normally be quite our scene, it’s a welcome way to up our feeling-cute game right now. And who better to present such an affair than one of our favorite feminist publications, BUST?!

This Sunday, from 11am to 6pm, BUST is hosting their second annual Craftacular Primped at Brooklyn Bazaar. Chances are you’ve been to, or at least heard of, BUST‘s Holiday Craftacular, which celebrated its ninth year this past winter. Primped is in a similar vein as the holiday fair—with 65 independent makers and sellers (picture all of your favorite Etsy shops in one place with no outrageous shipping)—but with a twist: “BUST Craftacular’s Primped originated from a desire to present something different and interesting in the world of craft fairs,” says Melissa Thornton, BUST‘s Events and Promotions Coordinator. “It’s a whole day of beauty and pampering… like a Sex and the City outing, but with a Broad City budget and attitude.” So, in addition to all of the usual vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, and delicious little treats, you also get all of those natural, small-batch beauty and cosmetic sellers too. Plus, just a bunch of free, girly fun things to make you feel cute again, all for only $5 admission.

So, to help you strategically navigate the fair on Sunday, we picked the top five things you have to do:

1) Get your hair braided for free by the stylists from Fringe Salon. There is seriously nothing like getting your hair braided by a professional! Yep, just call us Daenerys, see ya.

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2) Find some handmade jewelry for mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget mom—she deserves it!

3) Knit yourself a free tote with Wool and the Gang. Oh, you like our bag? Thanks, we knit it ourselves because we’re very fun and crafty like that.

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4) Free hand massage from Dr. Bronner’s + Free DIY nail art with Floss GlossJesus christ, our hands are going to be looking so springy and happy and on point.

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5) The first 300 people will get goodie bags, so go early! We got a sneak peek of what they’ll contain, and we’re super excited to grab ours: ACURE argan oil facial scrub and cream, Dr. Bronner’s organic soap, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, I Heart Keenwah quinoa snacks, and more!

And that’s honestly not even the beginning, so go check it out, pamper yourself and feel pretty now that this repressive, ugly winter is finally over. Happy primping!

For even MORE info about BUST’s Craftacular, visit bust.com


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