When it Comes to Immersive Dining, “Basque Cider House” Rules


If you’re in need of a gastronomic escape, consider attending the Spanish Basque Cider House Dinner at Txikito this Sunday, March 29th—no passport required. Organized by chefs Eder Montero and Alex Raij (also of Cobble Hill’s La Vara), as well as filmmaker Sarah Lobsenz, the immersive meal will celebrate Spanish culture, community, and of course, cider, by mimicking Basque sagardotegis, old farmhouses where locals purchase cider and congregate over small meals.

Drawing from stories and characters in Lobsenz’s feature documentary film, Song of the Basques (which will be screened during the evening), Raij and Montero have developed a carefully curated dinner including—in addition to lots and lots of cider—projections, sculptures and music, evoking personal experiences and environmental themes of Basque culture. But instead of simply sitting and eating, guests will be invited to become part of the celebration by interacting not only with their meal, but also the artistic pieces that inform it. At $145 per person, tickets may be pricey, but the founders stress the idea that “food means much more than sustenance. It is imbued with social, cultural, personal, familial and even, at times, political meaning. To sit down to a Cider House dinner is not simply to eat, but to understand, experience and evolve.”

And to be honest, it’s a whole lot more affordable than a trip to Basque Country.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit sagarardoa.tumblr.com



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