Teen Dies Imitating Spider-Man, Please Don’t Do That


Look, we all want to be like Spider-Man sometimes. Dude can swing from buildings, which means that he doesn’t ever have to worry about the L train not running. He has a sweet costume. But a reminder that death-defying stunts are called those because if they fail, they often end in real tragedy. Like this 15-year-old East Flatbush teenager who died while trying to jump from roof to roof during a game of tag. Sad, guys.

Police say that Tyrek Riley tried to jump across a 10-foot gap between buildings on President Street in Crown Heights, and fell to his death.

They’re good kids, but they’ve been doing this about a year. They just jump from roof to roof like Spider-Man,” a neighbor told DNA Info. “I’ve tried to warn them, but they don’t listen. It’s cold out and they don’t have nothing else to do. It was a matter of time before this happened.”

That’s really awful. Please don’t jump from building to building. Leave that to the fictional dudes in masks.


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