Five Can’t Miss Events This Weekend at SxSW Interactive


There is a little event happening in Austin this weekend. You going? If you are the kind of person who is into seeing the future—augmented, the next billion $ startup, flying cars—then check out this list below. Here’s your guide to five must-attend events to hit this weekend during SXSW Interactive.


Want to witness the future Ubers, Birchboxes, Slacks, Classpasses of the world? Swing by the Mashable House to check out MasterCard’s Priceless Elevator Pitch.


Virtual and Augmented Reality. What else is there to say? AR/VR Austin invites you to experience it and stay for the IRL party at Vuka: RSVP here.

flying car

Continue your futuristic journey…..Something most of us think a lot about: Flying Cars. Juraj Vaculik, co-founder of AeroMobil, shares what he is doing to bring the future of transportation into the now. Check out the session here.


Enough of the future… maybe you are finally ready to live for today. In today’s world of hyper-connectivity and endless storytelling, find out which brands are most innovative and inspiring? The Cojones Awards celebrate “Marketing Change Agents” and you should go: Celebrating Marketing: Cojones.

charles trippy

You’re at one of the largest festivals in the world, indulge yourself in a session titled “Humanizing Digital” about love and happiness in the digital age. Youtube happy man who documents everyday of his life, Charles Trippy, will be sure to entertain.


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