Brooklyn Is Dead, Ridgewood Is Getting Its Own TV Show

Ridgewood, Queens via Wikipedia

Here in Brooklyn, we’ve pretty much reached peak-TV. After all, there’s GirlsBrooklyn Nine-NineBroad City, The Slap (did anyone even watch that?)—and those are just the shows explicitly set (at least in part) here! There are countless others that film here, but aren’t supposed to be happening here—or even anywhere near here (cough *The Americans* cough). In other words, Brooklyn has plenty of TV love. But now, it’s time for Queens to have a turn. (And, yes, we know Abbi lives in Queens on Broad City. We know! That’s not the point right now.)

Via Gothamist, we learned that Fox has a new show premiering later this month called Weird Loners. The show will feature four, uh, “weird loners” who live together in a townhouse in Queens, specifically, Ridgewood, and get up to whatever hijinks “weird loners” usually get up to in Queens. Cool! We probably won’t watch it because we don’t really watch much TV, but we’re glad to be sharing the outer-borough, boob tube-love with our neighbor to the immediate north. We’re just looking forward to when the Bronx gets its due. Then we’ll know real outer-borough progress has been made.

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  1. “We’re just looking forward to when the Bronx gets its due”
    ….Becker? Had Ted Danson playing a doctor who ran a practice in the Bronx. Was pretty good.


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