Baby Goat Head Found Near Prospect Park


A woman taking her dog for a walk near Prospect Park stumbled upon one of Brooklyn’s sure signs that spring is coming: a severed baby goat head. The head, covered in fur, was in Dr. Ronald McNair Park, the little triangle-sized swath of green near the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Museum. About a year ago in the same spot, another goat’s head was found in a similar state.

The woman who stumbled on these grisly remains was, no surprise, less than thrilled about it. “I’m mad at these people doing this,” she told DNA Info. “They have no business doing this in a public park. It’s somebody’s version of a religious sacrifice. Keep that in church or in your own backyard. There are kids everywhere in this neighborhood.”

These goat heads have been found here and there over the years, and are associated with Santeria rituals. That’s actually legal and constitutional, the whole animal sacrifice thing, but by law, practitioners must properly discard their goat heads/animal remains. In Santeria, animal sacrifice usually marks a major life event like a birth or death, so there’s not necessarily a connection to the season. But the recent snowmelt means that little treats like this one are more visible.

We’ll leave you with this, since this is the song that’s stuck in your head at this point anyway.



  1. Whether it’s legal is debatable. While the First Amendment gives us freedom of religion, it does not trump the law. There are multiple sections of NY State Agriculture and Markets Law that are often broken for these heinous activities. There is NO NEED to hurt an animal. Religion is supposed to be a SPIRITUAL thing. The Catholics don’t cut open anyone to represent the body and the blood of Christ. They use the host (wafer) and wine. There is no reason one can’t open a peach, instead of an animal. One can use symbolism, instead of torture and killing. There is NO way you can expect (or even deserve) GOOD things from doing something so obviously CRUEL.

    • Growing up in Bk finding animal sacrifices in parks and in my own HS Fort Hamilton were Very Common. I just realized reading this article how common they were . They called it Boo ca ria or something like that. I remember walking into school via schoolyard and finding a metal garbage can on fire with 2 severed deer heads and I remembered thinking how much it smelled … But you knew why…if you grew up in BK especially around prospect park or shore road you knew why…. The boogeyman is Real.


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