A Dinnerware Reboot: Say Goodbye to the Big White Plate

Photograph by Jane Bruce
Photograph by Jane Bruce

Say goodbye to the tyranny of boring white plates (you know the kind; they’re sold in just about every big box housewares store), and say hello to beautifully crafted statement plates, glasses, and utensils. We understand the impulse to keep your dinnerware from competing with your dinner, but these gorgeous pieces don’t compete so much as complement, thus turning each of your feasts into a feast for the eyes as well.

All items from Mociun 224 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Robert Blue Dinner Plate, $50
Stoneworks Steak Knife, $75
Suzanne Sullivan Spoon, $24
Workaday Handmade Marble Cup, $38
Lindsey Hampton Triangle Handle Mug in Pink, $36


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