1,000 Brooklyn Residents Lost Power Thanks To This Gross Weather


The nasty weather this week is doing more than just ruining your shoes. Some 2,000 ConEd customers lost power on Wednesday thanks to water from the rainstorm mixing with the rock salt strewn to melt the snow from earlier in the day and corroded underground wiring. It’s just like that old nursery rhyme: February arctic freeze brings March showers, and March showers bring widespread power outage.

Of the people affected, half were Brooklyn residents, utility officials told DNA Info. Some of the customers lost power around 11:30 am, when several manholes caught fire. The good news? ConEd expects to return power to all those affected by 11 pm tonight. The bad news? More bad snow/rain is on the way tonight and Thursday, which means there’s potential for a really not fun day with no power in your apartment. Winter isn’t leaving without a fight, y’all.