Prospect Heights Diner Tom’s Restaurant To Serve Booze, Dinner


Good news for fans of Prospect Heights stalwart Tom’s Restaurant: Soon the diner is going to be open for more than breakfast and lunch. After 80 years serving food until 4 p.m. except for Sundays (the restaurant opened in 1936, after all), Tom’s is expanding operations to the evening crew seven days a week and lobbying for a liquor license to boot. Finally, you can have a mimosa with those legendary banana walnut pancakes.

It’s a shift in direction for Tom’s after its founder, Gus Vlahavas, passed away late last year, but one in keeping with the changes in the neighborhood in the past decade. The cozy spot, which regularly attracts a line stretching around the corner to grab a table, will also add 50 seats out back, DNA Info reports. But even if you have to wait, don’t fret: The servers at Tom’s ply the crowd with cups of coffee, samples of their house sausage, cookies, and orange wedges. More Tom’s can only be a good thing.


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