MTA Combats Rude Bus Riders With Courtesy PSAs


You’ve likely already seen MTA’s new courtesy PSAs on your subway commute: The placards plead for riders to curtail annoying passenger behavior like taking up too much space with your spread legs or ramming fellow straphangers with your enormous backpack. Buses, as anyone who rides them frequently or at all, can be just as much a hotspot for terrible commuter behavior. Recognizing the propensity for bus riders to, say, put their dirty sneakers up on the seats and armrests, the MTA has started rolling out the same courtesy reminders to city buses.

The ads will begin appearing inside buses this week, and exhort riders to keep their electronics quiet, give up seats to elderly or disabled passengers, and generally not be a terrible jerk to your fellow humans. Cool. We can handle that, right New Yorkers?


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