What Does Coney Island Taste Like? (Hint: Beer)

Courtesy of Coney Island Brewing Company

Coney Island Brewing Company has just launched two new beers inspired, it says, by “both Coney Island’s compelling past and the legacy of Brooklyn as a haven for artists and homesteaders for the last forty years.” What this means is that one beer—the amber ale—is based around Coney Island, and is named “1609” in honor of the year the area was discovered by… a lady pirate with a killer hat? Sure! Why not? The other beer celebrates the spirit of DUMBO, as represented by an elephant, because Dumbo. Just be glad that the elephant wasn’t on the beer inspired by Coney Island, because Coney’s got a pretty sordid, tragic past where elephants are concerned

Anyway. The obvious question here is: How do the beers taste? Well, good! The amber ale is super hoppy and redolent of citrus—it would stand up quite well to a Nathan’s hot dog and cardboard dish of crinkly french fries. The Overpass IPA is similarly citrus-forward, but is cut with a much more distinctive bitterness than the 1609, making it just right to eat with what used to be my go-to lunch when our office was in DUMBO: The Foragers salad bar. (Miss you, Foragers, even though I must admit that Downtown Brooklyn is better for my bank account.)

You can try these inspired-by-Brooklyn beers by picking some up at a location near you. Find out where that is here.

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