Warm(er) Weather Is On The Way


Dear February: You’ve been terrible. It has been below freezing almost every day for as long as I can remember, which is, I’ll be honest, roughly a month. Today is the first day in recent memory that you can go outside without having your face freeze off, which is, yes, the medical term for that condition. But nasty as all these polar arctic blast ice freezey whatsits have been, they can’t last forever. The planet is doing that thing where it tilts closer to the sun! And just in time for the first week of March, temperatures are going to get, if not warm, at least not horrifically cold. I’m not saying sweater weather, but I am saying no-more-doubling-up-on-hats weather.

Extreme cold will be held to the middle of the country, per Accuweather, while some blessedly above 30 degree days are in our very near future. “We still think temperatures will average below normal, but instead of the departures in the minus 15 to 25 F range on a regular basis, they will likely average 5 to 10 F below normal,” AccuWeather’s Paul Pastelok said. You know what? I will absolutely take that.



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