Winter Has Destroyed The Brooklyn Bridge Flags


After all the fuss last summer over the American flags on the Brooklyn Bridge being futzed with by some German artists, you’d think that those waving banners of patriotism would have been replaced by theft-proof, Teflon versions. But, alas, no: The American flags at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge have again been tampered with, and this time the culprit is one that we all know too well: Winter. High winds, snow, and ice have left the flags at the top of the bridge torn and tattered. And what’s worse is that the conditions on the bridge are too slick for the Department of Transportation to replace them.


“Winds have recently torn at the flags and those same conditions, coupled with ice and snow, have made it unsafe to conduct our routine replacement of the flags,” a spokesperson told the Daily News. Plus, the Department of Transportation has been kinda busy with, you know, clearing roads and trying to make your commute semi-manageable in the sub-arctic chill.

So take heart, I guess: Winter isn’t just destroying the people of New York. It’s destroying their monuments as well. Only five days until March, you guys. We can make it!


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