Taylor Swift Donated $50,000 to New York Public Schools


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After New York City ambassador Taylor Swift dropped her single “Welcome to New York” to general critical disapproval last October, the starlet made an announcement on The View: “It’s selling really, really well, which is good because I’m donating all my proceeds to New York City public schools.” Turns out that she wasn’t kidding: Swift reportedly donated $50,000 to the New York City Department of Education.

The donation was confirmed via a Freedom of Information from Capital New York, though the site also points out that, with over 500,000 copies of the song sold, $50,000 is likely not all of the proceeds from the song. A Swift representative couldn’t comment on whether Swift would be making further donations, or whether there was a percentage of the proceeds involved. Either way, $50,000 is a pretty nice gift, though kind of a drop in the bucket for the annual DOE budget of $25.9 billion.

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