Bushwick Has The Most Burglaries In Brooklyn Because No One Locks Their Doors


Bushwick is a hotspot for residential burglaries over the past couple months, leading New York City in the robbery department for the first month and a half of 2015. For the year to date, Bushwick has seen 56 incidents of burglary which, believe it or not, is one fewer than they saw for the same period last year, but still far higher than any of the surrounding police districts. Indeed, much higher than any other New York City neighborhood. And why is that? Because the good people of Bushwick aren’t locking their doors.

That’s right: More than half of the reported burglaries did not involve the use of force to enter the apartment. Thieves simply walked in through the unlocked door or window, snatched some electronics, and left, the NYPD told DNA Info.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: It sucks to be robbed. We have all the sympathy in the world for you. Except you are an idiot if you don’t lock your door in New York City. Do not let the dreams of a Disneyworld New York City fool you: This is still a big city, and there is still potential for your stuff to get stolen. So take the bare minimum of precaution against that, Bushwick residents, and please, please, just lock your doors. You can wear the key on a chain around your neck if it helps. But these are crimes of opportunity. Don’t increase the opportunity for someone to rob you.



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