Spirit Is Selling Tickets from LGA to Florida for $34


It’s so, so cold out. It is negative degrees. Maybe you’d like to, say, leave the frosty planet of New York for a weekend in a warmer climate? Good news: Budget airline carrier Spirit has heard your pleas, and is offering even more budget trips than usual. For the measly price of $34.10 one way (and $23.10 if you’re a Spirit member), you can jet from LaGuardia to Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, or Myrtle Beach for a weekend in February or March. If you missed that JetBlue Break the Ice sale, this is your chance to get out of dodge.

But be fast: The tickets are only available until the end of the day today. Also, if for some reason you would like to get out of town but go to a place that is not warm, you can also get to Chicago or Detroit for the same price. Enjoy your frozen ice caves, suckers. We’re laughing all the way to the beach.


  1. don’t do it. spirit is by far the worst airline i’ve ever flown on. put aside the fact that anyone above 5’5″ will have to be a contortionist to sit in their seats due to the non-existent leg room and go with the fact that they charge you for bringing anything on the plane. carry-on or check-in — doesnt matter, you’re paying. it was an awful experience that is easily worth the extra $100 bucks to fly on the next cheapest airline.


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