It’s So Cold That Arctic Owls Have Come To Roost Here


You know how people have been describing the sub-freezing temperatures that we’re experiencing as “arctic”? Maybe you thought that was some classic meteorological trickery, some of that hyperbolic flim-flam that weathermen have been using to get us all riled up about basic seasonal changes. Nope! Literal, actual arctic temperatures. You know how you can tell? Snowy owls, like the one pictured above, which usually make their home in the Arctic, have been spotted in Brooklyn. Owls do not fall for flim-flam.

About seven of the white-and-brown birds have been spotted around town, in Jamaica Bay in Queens and Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn. They even made it out to Governor’s Island. “We’ve had other types of owls, but this is a first for us, we think,” Governor’s Island spokesperson Elizabeth Rapuano told DNA Info. “We don’t have a nickname for him yet, but we’d be happy to get suggestions from the public — they’ve always helped us out with naming our animals in the past.”

Takers? Just don’t name them Hedwig. Also don’t try to pet one. They’re pretty good at killing stuff and eating it.



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